If this is a good interview, you should thank best-selling author Bob Rector, he had really good questions!


Bob Rector

Some of the books discussed:

– New York under water:

Monarch butterflies invade a small corner of the Appalachian mountains causing a scary “flight behavior”:

Climate fiction also includes climate change deniers: in this book climate activists are described as “eco-terrorists”:

If you think cli fi is recent and strictly linked to climate change, think again! This is the first cli fi book published and it came out in 1962!

But what is really going to change life on earth over the next few centuries can be traced back to (1) globalization and (2) industrialization and both are the result of a new, growing divide between the rich and poor, the One Percent vs. the 99 Percent, and now the data is in – the divide is not the result of someone’s sick imagination:

And of course(!) my own cli fi novel:

Available on all e-platforms, for Amazon click here:
Available on all e-platforms, for Amazon click here:

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  1. rectorwriter says:

    Not only is Claude a wonderful storyteller, she’s a delight to interview. Always intelligent, insightful, and thought provoking. It was a privilege to have this conversation with her.


    1. claudenougat says:

      It was on my side too, I really enjoyed it and I hope it shows! I love your book Unthinkable Consequences and I really hope to see Letters from the Front revived, I read it, it’s a great piece of theater, and it deserves to go back on the stage!


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