200 years from now, the world is in the grip of global warming, life is threatened with extinction.What is takes to survive:  three friends, people like you and me, our descendants, fall in love and hope to escape a world that is slowly, but inexorably coming to an end…

 Available exclusively on Amazon KDP Select/KU: click here. Also available in print from Amazon.

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Also available in 4 separate parts of a serialized novel under the title FOREVER YOUNG on Smashwords and all major platforms: Google Reads, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Apple.

You can also start reading Part One for free on Wattpad  click here to start reading. And if you like it, please “vote” (that’s how “likes” are expressed on Wattpad) Many thanks from an author grateful for the support!

Excerpt from reviews:

“Unlike so many stories set in the future, Ms. Nougat creates a very plausible future. Too plausible. Scarily plausible.” (Bob Rector)

However smart this book might be, it’s also extremely entertaining, thanks to a cast of characters Nougat has created that range from fascinating to despicable.” (Marsha Roberts)

“A prophetic view of our future. Compelling from start to finish” (Lit Amri)

“A convincing technical end of the world…a growing tension among the main characters as the fatal end approaches.” (C.E. Rodriguez)

Want to know what the world will be like 200 years from now when your great-great-grandchildren come of age?  

That is the world explored in Gateway to Forever. It can be considered either as “hard” science fiction (i.e. because it uses scientific data) or as climate fiction, cli-fi for short –  but what it is without any doubt, is speculative fiction – setting a heart-breaking love story in a highly plausible future.  

Gateway to Forever ( or under its other title: Forever Young) joins a series of fascinating books that are highlighted on Goodreads on a special climate fiction shelf, see here:

To add your cli-fi novel or vote for your favorite cli-fi book, go here




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