Is There a Book Cover Style for Climate Fiction?

Climate Fiction or cli-fi has evoked a surprisingly wide range of book covers. Look here at what the Cli-Fi website has put together:

This is very different from standard science fiction fare and should put to rest the argument that cli-fi is a sub-genre of sci-fi.

What is striking about these covers is the unifying focus on humanity and Earth as we know it – but with a menacing twist, usually transmitted with a frightening color filter, often red or green.

Five days ago, I presented to you two covers for my upcoming cli-fi novel Forever Young, asking you to vote for your favorite one and I used both this blog and my mirror blog on Blogger (see here) to try and get as many votes as possible. Although the sample is small (relatively few votes), the trend was crystal clear, the “full woman” – Alice’s portrait – won by a wide margin, two to one. Here she is, watching a fiery sunset on a dying world:

Part 1 is already available on Amazon here at 99 cents

I’ve already put it up on Amazon (here at 99 cents – it’s Part One of a serialized novel in 4 parts – the other episodes will be coming soon, one a week). And in a few days it should be up on all the other e-platforms for your Nook, Kobo or iPad (or any mobile device).

Other news: today Crimson Clouds is exceptionally up for sale at 99 cents. Grab your copy quick here, because tomorrow it will go back to it’s original price of $3.99.

Again, many thanks for the support,  I’m very grateful to all those who have voted!

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