Which Country Reads The Most?

Astounding…I knew the US and UK were not the top reading markets, but I hadn’t realized they were so far DOWN the list! And my Italian friends who always feel embarrassed for belonging to a “non-reading” country should take heart: they’re doing even better than the UK!

Mark Williams - The International Indie Author

GoGlobalIn2014_500Which country reads the most? You won’t be surprised to learn it’s not America. In fact, the USA kicks in at an embarrassing #22 on the list.

This side of the pond you can probably hear the guffaws of laughter and see the knowing smiles from us Brits, Obviously we’re in the top five. Probably at number two after some boring European country like Belgium, where they have nothing better to do all day than read.

Yeah, we all love cliched national stereotypes. But as anyone who’s actually been to Belgium will tell you, It’s great little country and full of surprises.

One surprise is that while France is at number six on the list of countries that read the most, Belgium doesn’t even make the top thirty.

The UK? if you’re British and thought #22 was embarrassing for America, prepare to hang your heads in shame. Britain ranks even…

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