When an Audio Clip Turns Into a Radio Show

Fantastic job done by the Director of the HighRock Institute Joel Scott and his partner Angela Castonguay. This is a fiery dialogue taken from CRIMSON CLOUDS, my just released romance. What was going to be a sample audio clip was suddenly turned into something quite different, like a radio drama show, with two beautiful voices, male and female, screaming at each other…You can hear it directly on Sound Cloud here , or click below:

Congrats to Joel and Angela! I highly recommend them, they did a superb job, don’t you agree? If you want to use their services, click here to contact them, you can read their latest blog post on audiobooks, “does an audiobook make sense for you?”, click here.

Listening to that dialogue, think of Robert looking like (ideally!) George Clooney:

And Natasha like Julianne Moore:

Are you wondering what happens next? Is Robert going to get back to Natasha or will other women enter his life? And what about his wife? If you’re curious, you can get the book here.

Looking at the future of audiobooks:  the dialogue you just heard was extracted from Chapter 16 and of course, in the novel, it’s embedded in the text that describes the reaction of each character. However, using more than one voice to read from a book opens up the possibility of theater-like dialogue that, in my opinion, is far more effective and lively than a straightforward reading of the book.

I wonder whether audio-books could be systematically done that way…though it would require extra editing from the author because of the need to turn the dialogues into self-standing pieces and of course, it would require a high level professional reading perfomance.

This suggests that novels re-formatted that way  would stand half-way between theater and straight fiction.

What do you think, would that editing effort be worthwhile? It could be the start of yet another way for telling a story, an alternate format…

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