About Claude

Claude Forthomme is a writer, economist, painter and poet. She is now Senior Editor at Impakter, a fast-growing online magazine aimed at millennials.

A graduate of Columbia University, Claude has engaged in a wide range of jobs before starting a 25 year career at the United Nations (Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome, Italy). For 20 years she evaluated FAO aid projects around the world, before being promoted to Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia.  She is the author of many books, including two in Italian and seven in English. The Italian books, a historical fantasy and a children’s book were published by Italian presses and won several awards including the prestigious Premio Mediterraneo for children’s literature.

Her books in English were all fiction (historical fantasy, sci-fi) except for one essay on development aid published by ICEPS (Rome); she is considered a prime exponent of Boomer literature with her novel “Crimson Clouds”. Her poetry has been included in “Freeze Frame”, an international poetry anthology curated by British poet Oscar Sparrow, published by Gallo Romano Media in 2012.

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  1. Bonjour Claude, peut-être te souviens-tu de moi? Annette ou Anne Rothschild.
    Que deviens-tu ? Où vis-tu. Moi je suis retirée dans le sud de la France, entre Uzès et Nîmes.
    On pourrait se parler, ce serait sympa…


    1. Anne, mais c’est PAS CROYABLE! Je pensais justement à toi et me demandais ce que tu étais devenue? L’artiste! MAIS OUI, il faut qu’on se parle! Ecris-moi, donne moi ton adresse via email – mon contact est ici sur le blog: claude point forthomme arobat gmail point com. On viendra te voir en été, et tu devras venir nous voir aussi!


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